The Bygone Boozers of Bebington

Over the next 12 months our local pubs are going to need our help. Let’s look back at the pubs which are no longer on our doorstep. Think I’ve missed one? Get in touch!

The George

Located half way between the Acorn and the Travellers Rest “The George” was a halfway stop between the two.

Offering pool, big screen sports with two lounges the George always appealed to a younger crowd.

On 15 March 1940 a West Cheshire Brewery pub opened to replace the original pub on the site. The pub closed in March 2016 and converted into residential flats with beauty treatment and swimming pool in basement.

The Brown Cow

Located just outside of Bebington Village in Bromborough Road the Cow was always a good jumping off point. Wether heading into town or the very popular nightlife scene around the Ritzy in Bromborough, many nights started here.

Originally the Brown Cow Vaults in the 1890’s it was acquired by Birkenhead Brewery in 1902 and later flattened in 1955 to make way for the new Brown Cow building featuring a car park.

Closed in 2012 making way for the site to be developed as residential flats.

The Chronicle

After being converted in 2007 from a furniture shop it went through a variety of names before finishing it’s life as Bebington Bar and Kitchen in 2019.

Featuring food, live music, cocktails and pizza bar it was regularly busy and popular among the people of Bebington. Working as centre point between the Rose and Crown and the Stags there would be a regular flow of patrons through out the evenings.

2021 saw it returned to its original use as a shop.

The Golden Primose

Opposite Bebington station, now Life church was the Golden Primrose. Going by the “Girling’s Social Club” and the Primrose Club it also served as restaurant, night club and supper club.

If anyone has any old photos of the club please get in touch.

Ran for the local community by Girling’s in Bromborough. Girling’s build brakes, callipers and other parts for a range of car makers

Have you got a memory from any of these pubs? Have I missed a favourite haunt of yours which is no longer running? Get in touch!

4 responses to “The Bygone Boozers of Bebington”

  1. Right, hang on to your hats !!
    My dad used to tell me how in his younger days the regulars at the george would put a pig on the wall and gamble on how long it would take to fall off !. I thought as many people would it was a bit of fantasy, until just before he died he showed me a photo of the pig on the walll. !!!!

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