Brackenwood Hosts Community For Day Of Fun In The Sun.

With the sun in the sky and a range of fun games and stalls, Brackenwood Family Fun Day lived up to its name.

Situated on the fields outside the historic club house there was a range of businesses and local charity groups. All ages could engage with each other, building strong community links.

It was great to see our local businesses mingling with our local groups including Higher Bebington girls FC, Brighter Bebington and (my boys favourite) the Moonshine Owl sanctuary to name just a few. It was great to see the huge range of groups and communities across Bebington.

Organisers hoped the day would be “a cheap day out for the family in these tough financial times so you can spend the afternoon without breaking the bank”. Today was a stellar example of the local community coming together and supporting one another.

You can visit their Facebook page here.

Brackenwood golf course has been in the local press recently after being closed. Shut by Wirral council, despite being a feature of Bebington since 1935, in an attempt to save money. Following its closure the course was subject to excessive vandalism. Since then however a chink of light has opened. Two groups have groups pledged to run the course sustainably as a non profit. Wirral Council will still have to review and accept any bids then granting permission for the club to reopen. The future of the club and safety of the course is by no means decided.

We spoke to Keith Marsh, the event organiser and secretary of Brackenwood Golf club. He told us “[The event] was all about the local community coming together and sharing a lovely greenspace in Bebington, the golf club showing it can and should be at the heart of the community and having a relaxed chilled family day. I hope we achieved this yesterday, certainly felt like we did”.

Hopefully today has shown the strength of support for the club. We are reminded we can support our businesses and community groups, while having a little bit of fun along the way.

Where you there? Did you help organise the day? Did you run of the stalls, get in touch by commenting below or Contact us

3 responses to “Brackenwood Hosts Community For Day Of Fun In The Sun.”

  1. An amazing day ,everyone enjoying the sunshine and children having loads of fun, the stalls did great business including ours, it was a pure delight and we look forward to more events in the future , thankyou to all concerned,
    JAN JOYCE Tee Fore Two.

  2. On the day I was one of the team of Brackenwood Golf club who helped setup the services for the Stalls and helped when needed.
    We all made the day successful and very enjoyable for the local community and local businesses.

  3. I am a member of the club and organised and ran the kids putting competition on the 18th green, from 12 till 4 I never stopped it was exhausting but so worthwhile, the support from the local community was fantastic thank you to all who attended and to the many stall holders and a special thank you to Keith for organising the whole event.

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